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For many centuries, carpets have been the gift of kings, the ransom of princess, the heirlooms of nobility and the prizes of the conquest. Their warm textures, their lustre and sheen, the wealth and harmony of colours and their subtle rhythm of design reflect the natural artistic sensibility of oriental craftsmen unspoiled by the commercialism of today's civilization. Their skills have been transmitted in an unbroken line from generation to generation, and their supreme work of art are the cultural treasures of a large part of mankind today.

In 1968 we emerged as one of the pioneer families in handmade carpet industry of Pakistan. During 32 years of our establishment we have earned a landmark of goodwill and most reputable carpet dealers in the world. We still offer the best tribal and contemporary rugs made by the master weavers of the east.

A work of art lives forever so lets join hands to keep this legend alive.